What comes next after dancing, it'll be songs/ music of course! In Princess Debut, there's two available ScoreSheets for players to choose from~

Music Score 1: StandardEdit

Score 1- Standard
Score A (In Red)
  • Nocturne
  • Eine klein Nachtmusik
  • When the Saint Go Marching In
  • American Patrol
  • Voices of Spring

Score B (In Green)

  • The Swan
  • Military March
  • The Entertainer
  • J'ai perdu le do
  • Waltz of the Flowers

Music Score 2: LatinEdit

Score 2- Latin
Score A (In Red)
  • Swan Lake
  • Minuet
  • Carmen
  • Funiculi funicula
  • Turkish March

Score B (In Green)

  • Polovetsian Dances
  • The Dance of the Hours
  • Under the Double Eagle
  • Danny Boy
  • Tico Tico

Songs Obtainable LevelsEdit

Score Sheet A Score Sheet B

Level 1 - Nocturne
Level 3 - When the Saint Go Marching In
Level 5 - Swan Lake
Level 7 - Minuet
Level 9 - Eine klein Nachtmusik
Level 11 - Carmen
Level 13 - Voices of Spring
Level 15 - Turkish March
Level 17 - American Patrol
Level 19 - Funiculi Funicula

The Swan
The Entertainer
Polovestian Dances
The Dance of the Hours
Military March
Under the Double Eagle
Tico Tico
Waltz of the Flowers
J'ai perdu le do
Danny Boy


Well the answer is simple, it can only work on a NON-RELOADED Game after you have finish the story with the first song sheet (A). All you have to do is to start a new game with that current game state as the game works in the following way:

Song sheet Alteration (Had to be in the same game playgame WITHOUT RELOADING)

Sheet (A) <Current finish game> -> Sheet (B) <Your next game> -> Sheet (A) <Your next next game>