Cesar Dubois


Name Cesar Dubois
Japanese Name Charl Tanner (シャルル·タナ Sharuru Tana)
Counterpart Carlos
Official Rank Prince
Age 16
Gender Male
Sign Libra
Birthday 10 October
Favourite Beef Stew
Country of Origin Sea Republic
Relative unknown sister (presumed deceased)
Skill Level
Initial Level 6
Initial Technique 30
Initial Artistry 80
Maximum Technique 94
Maximum Artistry 99
A Passionate Prince who always shows his love in a wrong way...

Cesar is always found flirting with many different princesses everywhere he go, for some reason the protagonist just could stand been near him for too long yet, he likes and enjoy been by the protagonist side. However it is shown that, no matter how flirty he is, he truly only does love the protagonist deeply from the bottom of his heart.

Cesar has a scar on his chest implied to be from heart surgery.

Prince Cesar

Cesar's Game Profile