Stay with Vince

Ending 1: Stay Edit

When Vince and I got older, we got married in a beautiful ceremony.

Vince still pulls pranks all the time. He is still such a child...

But there's never a dull day!

And I am so happy...

Leave Vince

Ending 2: Leave Edit

You pass through the closet and return to your own world.

Victor: Hey. I've got a present for you.

Sabrina: What, a present? What is it?

Victor: Hmph!

Sabrina: Ahhhhh! Victor!!! A prank?!

Victor: Haha! I can't believe you fell for it!

Sabrina: Sheesh! He's such a prankster in both worlds!
Sabrina: ...But it feels as if I'm looking at Vince... And that makes me happy.
Victor: huh? Hey, what do you have on your finger?
Sabrina: Hehehe. Sorry. That's my secret.
Victor: hey! now I HAVE to know! Just tell me already!
Sabrina: Hahaha! I'm not telling!