Stay with Klaus

Ending 1: Stay Edit

When Klaus and I got older, we got married in a beautiful ceremony.

The good people of the Republic of Lamor welcomed us very warmly.

Klaus is so good to me, I am very happy.

But I've never told him that I'm not really from this world...

I guess that will have to remain my own little secret...

Leave Klaus

Ending 2: Leave Edit

Sabrina: Having returned to my own world, I headed to school for the first time in a month.

Sabrina: Kyle, the basketball star, is the most popular kid in school.

Sabrina: I can't believe how much he looks like Klaus!

Sabrina: But of course, he doesn't know anything about Parallel Worlds.

Sabrina: The only thing the me of this world can do is look at him from a distance.
Sabrina: ...But when he saw me, this is what he had to say:
Kyle: Huh?
Kyle: I feel like we know each other really well.
Kyle: I wonder why? That's so weird.
Sabrina: I'm the only one who knows why.
Sabrina: There's no way I'll ever be able to tell him about my time in that other land...
Sabrina: ... but somehow that one conversation led to us becoming friends! I can't believe it...
Sabrina: It looks like I have a new shot at love! I'd better do my best!