Stay with Cesar

Ending 1: Stay Edit

When Cesar and I got older, we were married in a beautiful ceremony.

Cesar still acts like Cesar, though.

I still catch him flirting with other girls from time to time.

I know that he isn't serious about it. I'm the only one who counts in his heart.

We're very happy together. And keeping an eye on him keeps me on my toes!

Leave Cesar

Ending 2: Leave Edit

You pass through the closet and return to your own world

Carlos: Oh Sabrina! Where's a lovely lady like you off to in a rush?

Carlos: Come to the beach with me! We can listen to the softly crashing waves and whisper sweet nothings to each other.

Sabrina: Hmm, well...

Sabrina: If you get me a hundred roses, I'll think about it.